Move Different Centers

Move Different: a new concept of movement

Being "different" means taking care of every stage of development, from research, to design, to scientific protocols and specific training... but above all it means doing what motivates us to do our best every day: spreading passion!

Our motto "Move Different" reflects this shared enthusiasm in the fields of medicine, rehabilitation and sports performance, which has led us to inaugurate a model dedicated to functional technological rehabilitation and high-tech prevention health fitness.

In the Move Different centers you can find all the TecnoBody research and technology and a team of movement specialists who accompany patients and athletes in the path closest to their needs.

A center, a thousand possibilities.

In Move Different centers you have the opportunity to let your customers invest in their health, dedicating specific routes based on:

  • objective assessment of the state of health and motor needs
  • continuous and real-time feedback on motor gestures
  • the perfect integration between expert reliability and technology at the service of movement

In the Move Different centers each one finds the most suitable path to recover from injuries or surgical interventions, to improve one's health status, to prevent postural problems, to start up one's own child to the movement. All the activities of the Move Different centers take the entire range of TecnoBody systems and the care of the team of specialists selected to make them feel good and live well..

Move Different Aosta

Move Different Aosta represents a concept and model of rehabilitation center management and innovative gym, the possibility both for patients and athletes to choose their own rehabilitation or training in 4.0 location dedicated to movement, through the integration of TecnoBody digital systems.

The clients of the center can immerse themselves in an experience of well-being and movement at 360 degrees, in which research and technology merge for a new concept of health.

In the more than 1000 square meters of the Move Different Aosta Center you can find:

  • clinics for the treatment of the acute phase of physical problems,
  • rooms dedicated to physiotherapy,
  • training areas equipped with all TecnoBody systems,
  • a laboratory dedicated to children, their start-up to movement and digital psychomotor skills

The Move Different paths


The objective and real-time feedback of the movement is the basis of the initial assessment of the client's health status both in traumatic or surgical outcomes and for joint and spine pains. From here the TecnoBody systems and the professionalism of our teams make it possible to set up the best rehabilitation plan for their different needs: an individual protocol of exercises guided by the technology of our systems and our professionals, preceded by the treatment of the acute phase..

Health Fitness 2.0

These are the paths in which to grant your client an experience of well-being and movement at 360 degrees. The initial assessment of the state of health, objective and in real time, is carried out with D-WALL, our innovative digital mirror. Fitness activity reports are issued continuously and help you reach your clients with their goals of strength, balance and cardio training that guarantee the quality of the movement.

High Sport Performance

The path, starting from the objective and technological assessment with the D-WALL digital mirror, takes place in a Hi-Tech gym. Here you can train strength, endurance and speed of your athletes increasing their abilities and sports performance. You can involve athletes in many training preparatory to athletics, skiing, team sports and many activities in which technological research and professionalism guide them along with your professionalism towards their sports objectives.


All TecnoBody technology and a team of dedicated trainers for the objective evaluation of children's movement, carried out through dynamic postural analysis and agility. The little ones can train while having fun, with a training that calls into play the concentration in the gesture and with paths to start the movement and the contrast of neuromotor pathologies.

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