High Intensity Interval Training with technological bio-feedback | Scienza & Sport

High intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most widespread and functional training protocol, among the most used by athletic trainers and personal trainers in gyms.

In the October/December 2020 issue of Scienza & Sport there is an in-depth study on the subject with particular reference to technological bio-feedback useful for maximizing the monitoring of functional parameters for this training protocol.

From the functional logic of this training mode, passing from its many potentialities for the athlete or even the subject with the need to lose fat mass, to the specifics of Tabata circuits, the article deals with the aspects that make HIIT one of the most popular workouts nowadays.

In addition, the potential of the D-WALL digital screen is described for monitoring the maximum targets, optimizing the athletic gesture and training in complete safety.

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