D-WALL H-Sport

The assessment and training experience with D-WALL becomes even more personalized for the personal trainer and the client.

D-WALL H-Sport was born from the TecnoBody experience for the specific needs of the personal trainer who does not require medical certification for the evaluation and training modules.

D-WALL H-Sport is your high-tech digital gym that you can configure with or without a strength platform to set up:

  • Assessments of the athlete's starting condition;
  • Fitness test;
  • personalized health fitness programs;
  • training protocols for sports performance;
  • exer-games to train balance, proprioception and agility.

Are you ready to revolutionize your training method in your center?

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Polar Software Package

Real-time cardio monitoring, always available.

Thanks to the possibility of association with the Polar Software Package, you have the opportunity to monitor the cardio parameters of your athlete or patient at any time.

The association with the system of the brachial, thoracic, wrist, smartwatch or any heart rate detection device based on BLE technology, guarantees the safety of training and the setting of objectives related to specific training libraries.

Subject-specific targets can be set by the operator to customize workouts and maximize the subject's performance. While using the system, you can continuously refer to the parking percentages and specific areas.

Leading your athlete to the best performance during high intensity workouts, such as HIIT and Tabata, has never been easier!



  • Video Wall 65" 16:9 FULL HD
  • Monitor 15" 16:9 HD Touch Screen
  • 3D Camera FULL HD - 30 FPS
  • Embedded PC CPU: 13 - 6100U 2.0 GHz
  • HD1 Tbyte; RAM 4 GByte;
  • wireless keyboard
  • S.O. Windows 10 Multilanguage
  • RFID reader for TecnoBody Keys
Dimensions Wall Area: H 2,4 x L 2,5 x D 0,18 mt

In the presence of the strength platform:
Ground surface: H 0,03 x L 2,5 x D 3,5 mt
Operating area: H 0,03 x L 2,5 x D 2,0 mt
Weight 250 kg
Supply 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Conformity Directive 93/42/EEC - Standard EN 60601-1
Guarantee 12 months



Active Balance Kit

The control of balance in sports has always represented the pursuit of perfection of the gesture.

D-WALL H-Sport, thanks to the combination of the active footboard kit and accessories for proprioception, is the perfect tool for running runners, dancers, skiers and all sportsmen with a focus on listening to the motor gesture.

The D-WALL H-Sport Active Balance Kit includes:
  • Active Bipodalic Platform
  • Active monopodalic platform
  • Monoaxial Active Platform
  • Balance Pad
  • Balance Disk
  • Bosu

Functional Kit

The combination of weights, barbells, kettlebells, fitballs and medicine balls guarantees a complete functional training and makes D-WALL H-Sport the most complete system to develop your digital gym optimized in a very small space.

Thanks to the functional kits of D-WALL H-Sport you can train your athlete and help him achieve maximum performance.

Work out the best training plan with the exercises that you can find in the specific training libraries for objectives and which involve the use of the functional kit tools.

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