MF Server X

MF Server X is the TecnoBody server that connects the systems of our range, ensuring the optimization of the management of your center.

MF Server X allows interconnection between the systems in our range, as well as connection to the TecnoBody Cloud and the TecnoBody APP.

Thanks to the server, it is also possible to manage the programs on the TecnoBody systems connected to it and back up the system circuit in your equipment, to safeguard the integrity of the data.

The printer makes possible to print test and training reports carried out on the range of TecnoBody systems.




  • Possibility to control all TecnoBody devices.
  • HD Webcam
  • USB ports for charging devices and connections to cardio devices supplied with Tecnobody devices
  • TecnoBody Key for connection to the TecnoBody Management System (interconnection system of the various TecnoBody rehab and medical fitness systems)
  • Integrated PC:
  • CPU: 4.20 Ghz, SSD: 1 TB RAID 1, RAM: 2x 4GB
  • Wireless keyboard + mouse
  • Windows 10 enterprise
Dimensions 88,8cm (L) x 89,6cm (W) x 166,3cm (H)
Weight 91 kg
Supply 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Power consumption 2.5 KW (requires dedicated 16A power socket)


Assessments’ results

In this software module it is possible to access all the objective assessments of the movement performed on the TecnoBody systems connected to the server. In this way, it is possible to manage the patient in a complete and functional way with an integrated view on the movement analysis reports.

Trainings’ results

Similarly to the assessments module, this area allows you to access all the results of the training carried out on the TecnoBody systems connected to the server. In this way, it is possible to manage the patient and follow him on his path from the initial evaluation to the final outcomes, passing through the intermediate stages.

Management Area

Through the management software it is possible for the therapist to build customized programs to be managed subsequently on each single TecnoBody system connected to the server.

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