Digital Functional Training Center

Build your own functional training workshop with applied technology: an immersive digital and integrated experience dedicated to small group and cross training.

We have redesigned functional training in a technological key, but above all efficient. The total control of the gesture and the possibility of training in a group allows the athletes to improve constantly for a performance without equal.

In your Digital Functional Training Center you can structure high intensity workouts (HIIT) choosing from a wide range of basic exercises and experimenting them with the flexibility of D-WALL.

Biofeedback in real time ensures efficiency and optimization of the execution technique together with the monitoring of the pulses in the target zone with the monitor.

Welcome to the era of digital training!

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The first step for the athlete who wishes to undertake a functional and technological training plan can only be an objective and targeted assessment.
To increase the performance of your athlete, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the subject is the first step of the path.

An accurate functional assessment, in fact, allows you to build the foundations for a training that will bear fruit by meeting the goals of your customers.
With TecnoBody it is now possible to build a functional technological training center, where each training phase is quantified and is immersive and engaging.

Immersive cross training

A whole new and really innovative and functional experience. Choosing TecnoBody for your cross training center will give your athletes a workout in which the technology merges with the utility of continuous bio-feedback in real time.

You will inaugurate training classes based on engaging and stimulating training in which the athletic gesture is more effective than usual and each gesture is quantified and optimized, therefore performed safely. Moreover, thanks to the flexible TecnoBody Management System you can create hundreds of tests and exercises to personalize them for each member of your gym.

Little space, maximum yield

In a few square meters equipped with the best technology of TecnoBody systems for fitness you can create a complete center and ready to accommodate small groups and functional training classes that will ensure a management with maximum return on investment.

D-WALL is the emblem of the concept of fitness in a room and technologically advanced training.
Hundreds of potential contained in a single system that distinguishes those who choose it and brings your business reality to be truly competitive and a pioneer in the fitness world.

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