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TecnoBody is a large, constantly evolving laboratory where ideas take shape in 100% made in Italy systems.
Since 1994 we have been designing the future of rehabilitation and movement together with a growing community of professionals around the world.

Neurology and Orthopedics

TecnoBody research and development gives shape to cutting-edge professional equipment for hospitals and rehabilitation gyms.

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Sport Medicine

TecnoBody advanced technological systems take shape from our experience to revolutionise your gym or sports rehabilitation center.

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Homing is the first system that revolutionizes motor rehabilitation and telerehabilitation in a compact and transportable all-in-one solution.

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Gait Analysis

Walker View

Walker View is the first self-adaptive treadmill that guarantees you to include a compact motion capture laboratory in your method.

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Motion Analysis

D-Wall Elite

D-WALL is the digital and smart mirror that includes movement analysis and training for every motor and rehabilitation need.

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Run Analysis


SpeedUp is the self-adaptive running analysis laboratory that revolutionises physical preparation and return to sport.

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Health Hub

Discover the integration of TecnoBody products and services.
Redesign the relationship with patients and athletes thanks to the health hubs 4.0

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App & Cloud

Access assessments, programs and results, all at your fingertips

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