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Access the detailed reports of qualitative and quantitative assessments of the TecnoBody systems in your equipment, whenever and wherever you want from your smartphone, for a mutual comparison between professional and user.
For each skill you’ll obtain a score calculated from the average of the individual assessments performed.

  • Sharable reports
    always in your hand

  • Charts to consult
    trends over time

  • Personal notes
    for each test


Hundreds of exercises suitable for Rehab, Health and Sport users, available both offline among the generic programs studied by the TecnoBody team and online in the programs created by you for your patients or athletes.

The simplicity of the software makes the training experience complete and understandable to all types of users.



Access your clients' results and allow them to track improvements in their individual path to recovery, maintenance or performance improvement.

The reports are available for a complete visualization of the graphs of balance, strength, endurance, mobility and agility, obtained from the sum of the scores of the different exercise programs.


3 Versions

Rehab, Health Fitness, Sport Performance: 3 versions with specific exercises guarantee your patient or athlete the best experience of health and movement, based on the path that the user can carry out within your center.


All in cloud

With the TecnoBody Cloud you have always guaranteed interconnection between the systems in our range and the most immersive experience for your professionalism and your customers.
With the TecnoBody APP and Cloud you redefine your working method in the studio or in the gym and access the possibility of building a new relationship with your patient or athlete.

TecnoBody APP

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