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TecnoBody was born in 1994 from Stefano Marcandelli's passion for the study of movement and the complexity of human anatomy. Since then we have come a long way, conquering a niche in the biomedical sector step by step and continuing to bring innovation to motor, neuromotor and sports rehabilitation. Our research on movement leads us to develop products for physical rehabilitation, prevention and sports performance, with a philosophy embraced by hospitals, centers and gyms all over the world.

TecnoBody HQ's

Our headquarters is spread over 10,000 square meters of surface area, dedicated to the research, development and production of our systems starting from scientific research on assessment, rehabilitation and training protocols. TecnoBody is a real research center born from a passion for movement. The heart of our headquarters is the R&D Department where our projects take shape starting from the synergy and collaboration between different figures. Our space at the Kilometro Rosso Innovation District in Bergamo, the Italian innovation district par excellence, is an active showroom, where technology and experience come together to allow you to experience first-hand the added value of our products.

R&D TecnoBody

The heart of TecnoBody is the Research and Development Department. Our R&D is a laboratory of ideas in which professional engineers, physiotherapists and movement experts work side by side for constant basic and applied research, both clinical and technical. Here people with different experiences collaborate, such as mechanical engineers, computer scientists, electronics engineers, bioengineers, physiotherapists, doctors and specialists in motor sciences. All-Italian ingenuity, expertise and skills of a different nature come together here to create unique products, always with the aim of continuous improvement at the service of professionals who choose our technology and health.

Our knowledge

Our mission is our greatest passion: improving the quality of movement by making use of a supply chain of over 80 suppliers deeply linked to the territory and tracing new lines of thought guided by our applied research. The care and experience in researching, designing and disseminating this holistic approach to movement is what distinguishes us in the world. This is how we are protagonists of the 4.0 revolution in the medical sector, with a community of professionals with whom we share knowledge, technology and professionalism.

Artificial Intelligence

At the basis of TecnoBody's design process there is a strong drive towards Artificial Intelligence. AI works by combining large amounts of data with fast, iterative processing and intelligent algorithms, allowing TecnoBody systems software to automatically learn from patterns or characteristics of the data. AI applications are moving in the direction of developing robotic and medical systems for natural and increasingly functional human-machine interaction.

TecnoBody Milestones

TecnoBody Experience

On board the new TecnoBody Truck, research and technologies for movement analysis and training are concentrated in a design environment that allows you to experience first-hand the high value of technological functional assessment and our philosophy.


The immersive experience of movement analysis with TecnoBody systems supports TecnoBody Academy during the stages of the itinerant training calendar, which sees members of our Clinical Team intervene together with other professionals in the sector allowing the practical approach of the TecnoBody Lab on board the truck .

Cultural Dissemination

The TecnoBody Experience on board the truck guarantees concrete and functional training value for professionals in the sector. On board our truck we want to spread a new culture and an innovative approach towards rehabilitation and movement.

TecnoBody Academy

The TecnoBody Experience on board the truck accompanies the traveling stages of the TecnoBody Academy, guaranteeing the high educational value of the courses with both a theoretical, practical and applicative approach.

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