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Our history

TecnoBody was founded in 1994 by Stefano Marcandelli's passion for the study of movement and the complexity of human anatomy.

A passion cultivated at a young age in the garage of his home, during the years of university studies and success in the specialty of the javelin throw, which led him to found the company at the age of only 26 years.

Since then we have come a long way, winning a niche in the biomedical sector and continuing to bring innovation not only in this area.

Our research on the movement in fact moves to 360 degrees and leads us to develop products for prevention, sports performance and physical rehabilitation, with a philosophy through which technology and holistic approach are profoundly changing hospitals, centers and gyms of the whole world.


Our mission is our greatest passion: to improve the quality of the movement using a supply chain of over 80 suppliers deeply linked to the territory and tracing new lines of thought guided by our creativity.

We want our customers to be part of a community where knowledge, technology and professionalism come together in sharing an experience.


The TecnoBody brand in the world wants to be the reference point for the medical and rehabilitative sector in which to continue the process of facilitated interaction between patients or athletes and operators started by precursors.

A point of reference for a new concept of movement in step with the 4.0 and digital revolution in which we have profoundly fallen.

A "Different" strategy

Our products and our strategy reflect the TecnoBody vision in which technology and operator work in perfect synergy to give the end user a unique experience, a process of physical recovery or complete and personalized reorganization.

Every action of our strategy is aimed at giving our customers not only products, but a complete and really different experience, enriched by constant research and a holistic approach to the movement.

TecnoBody HQ’s

Our headquarters is spread over 10,000 square meters, dedicated to research, development and production of our systems starting from scientific research on assessment, rehabilitation and training protocols.

A research center dedicated to movement and applied technology that comes from the passion for movement. The heart of our headquarters is the R & D Department where our projects take shape starting from the synergy and collaboration between different figures, such as mechanical engineers, IT, electronic, bioengineers, physiotherapists, doctors and specialists in physical education.

A large laboratory that uses the best local suppliers, maintaining a strong link with the territory in which it has fallen, but with an open look to the world.

R&D Tecnobody

The heart of TecnoBody is the Research and Development Department.

Our R&D is a laboratory of ideas in which professional engineers, physiotherapists and movement experts work side by side for a constant basic and applied research activity, both clinical and technical.

All Italian ingenuity, expertise and skills of a different nature meet here to create unique products, always with the aim of continuous improvement at the service of professionals in the sector who choose our quality and technology.

The TecnoBody Lab

Not just a showroom, but a materialization of our "different" movement philosophy.

In the TecnoBody Lab you will find our circuits in the context of a real active gym for TecnoBody employees and to test high-level athletes.

Here you can touch with your hands the research and technology that bear our signature, experiencing what it means to choose TecnoBody to give to their patients and sporting customers and not the maximum in the field of rehabilitation and performance.

Visiting the TecnoBody Lab will not be like browsing through a brochure. By visiting it you can view every turn-key solution with us and experience the "Move Different" philosophy!

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