Neurology and Orthopedics

TecnoBody is a leader in the design and creation of innovative rehabilitation tools, with all the functionality of objective and technological evaluation of movement. With TecnoBody's rehabilitation and physical medicine equipment you can enhance your working method and open your own physiotherapy center or your 4.0 gym.
TecnoBody's continuous training, assistance and research are at the service of the health professions and of an innovative movement concept that focuses not only on treatment, but above all on prevention and maintenance.
Study with us how to open your next physiotherapy and motor rehabilitation center and plan your success!

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Functional Assessment of movement

Our professional equipment for medical centers and rehabilitation gyms is designed to offer an accurate functional evaluation, essential for the construction of therapeutic-rehabilitation protocols. Starting a physiotherapy and rehabilitation studio with TecnoBody means always being able to count on an objective, accurate and repeatable patient evaluation, useful for setting the correct therapy and giving value to your working method.

Orthopedic and Neurological Rehabilitation

Technological functional assessment, advanced robotics and interaction via Artificial Intelligence accompany you in the new era of orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. The systems in the TecnoBody range allow you to work on muscle tension, proprioception, balance, strength control and biomechanical analysis of walking. Rehabilitation performed with the aid of continuous biofeedback increases the levels of concentration required in the patient, increasing the effectiveness of the treatment itself.


We have designed a range of innovative products and services that allow you to bring prevention, treatment and training outside the space of your studio or hospital.
Thanks to telerehabilitation and related services you can work on the patient's motor sense and make the maintenance phase a natural component of the lifestyle.
TecnoBody's evaluation technology combines portability and compactness to guarantee continuity in care and develop new health services on the territory, designing a new health experience.

Neurology and Orthopedics

TecnoBody research and development gives shape to cutting-edge professional equipment for hospitals and rehabilitation gyms. Discover the range of products for your medical and physiotherapy center with advanced technology!

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