The role of technological assessment with bio-feedback for the golfer.

In the panorama of sports and categories of athletes for which it is possible to carry out functional tests and training protocols with technological bio-feedback, golf represents a discipline rich in ideas and in some ways little explored.

Technological evaluation constitutes an important means of processing useful data for the trainer to work on perfecting the golfer's gesture.

In a discipline in which details and maximum concentration play a crucial role for performance, it is essential to use the objective evaluation approach to explore every physical limit in a given district that is important for swing, the gesture par excellence in the sport in question.

Each point of weakness, in fact, translates into a specific technical defect and requires a path to build performance.

In this contribution we analyze how D-WALL's approach with evaluation technology supports golf technicians and what specific courses the coach can take to treat the performance of the modern golfer.

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