CCORT 2019 | Valdotra, Slovenia

On July 19 and 20 TecnoBody is the main sponsor of CCORT, an event dedicated to the theme of rehabilitation in orthopedics.

In the rich two-day program, an intervention from our Clinical Team will also be contextualised, focusing on sports injuries of the shoulder and knee.

Rehabo, a client and partner of TecnoBody, is among the organizers of the event.

All events will take place at the Valdotra Hospital in Ankaran, Slovenia, where during a dedicated workshop we will discuss the subacute phase of knee rehabilitation, with the aid of the Walker View system.

The two days will also be an opportunity to see close-up our ProKin, Trunk and Postural Bench systems on the stand.

Consult the CCORT website for all details.

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