Live Webinar Programme.

The online training signed by TecnoBody continues with the Live Webinar Program, the program of debates on the issues of assessment, functional rehabilitation and new trends in the world of movement, with insights related to the use of TecnoBody systems in rehabilitation protocols, return to sport and movement start.

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- Saturday 23 May

New frontiers in the assessment of walking and running with the Walker View SCX system.


- Saturday 30 May

Post Covid-19 rehabilitation. Technological approach to rehabilitation and new patient needs.


- Saturday 6 June

The evolution of the digital mirror. New features for biomechanical and cardio analysis.


- Wednesday 17 June

The evolution of technology in rehabilitation. The evaluation and rehabilitation approach in the neurological patient.


- Saturday 20 June

Strength training. The use of bio-feedback to increase performance.


- Wednesday 26 June

The state of the art and innovation in the treatment of impaired motor function.


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