TecnoBody among the technologies of the European Rehabilitation Robotics School

The European Society of PRM (ESPRM) promotes, through the Scientific Committee for Robotics and in collaboration with UEMS PRM Section and Board, an innovative approach based on an annual school (Robotic Rehabilitation Summer School-R2S2) with the main objectives of improving the scientific information in the field of rehabilitation and to promote education in robotics applications.

The training course develops with the provision of theoretical bases and an evidence-based approach provided by recent indications of international research and publications, while taking advantage of the technical support of IISART and other companies that carry out research and productions in this field.

The aim of the School is to optimize and raise the level of knowledge related to the use of robotics in rehabilitation for all rehabilitation professionals with the aim of improving collaboration, communication and sharing, both on a clinical and research basis.

For this reason, we invite all professionals in the sector who adopt our systems to register them in the database of the European Rehabilitation Robotics School and to take part in the courses and training contents provided by the institution.

The ultimate goal is to foster the birth of a community in which knowledge, innovative ideas and technologies are shared by as many professionals as those who have embraced our philosophy and all rehabilitation experts in Europe.

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