From the sub-acute phase to functional re-education, HomingĀ® takes you to a new dimension of health

Continuity of care

A solution of continuity for treatment, chronic conditions and unexplored areas of intervention.


Adapted physical activity, prevention and maintenance, for an experience of movement beyond treatment.

With Homing, the challenges of modern rehabilitation are concentrated in an innovative product concept at the service of a new relationship between therapist and patient.
Technology, applied research and functional design come together in a solution within reach of the healthcare professional and the patient, for a new and unprecedented physio centre-home connection.

A new health experience

The new social welfare models meet applied research and technological momentum in the new and innovative experience of Homing.

The patient, together with the professional, are at the center of the new challenges for medicine and home tele-rehabilitation; a challenge that sees flexibility and functionality first.
From de-hospitalization, to continuity of care, up to the optimization of resources, Homing is able to connect operator and patient for an unprecedented experience dedicated to health.

3D Camera

Markerless technology

Homing's 3D camera allows the system to see, understand, interact and learn from the patient.
The depth detection camera is equipped with adjustment thanks to a simple wheel and guarantees joint degree detection for feedback on the execution of the exercises.

Furthermore, the camera makes it possible for the therapist to relate to the patient from a distance, for constant monitoring during maintenance or physical recovery sessions.

A complete kit

A complete kit guarantees portability and Homing functionality for both the physiotherapist and the patient. In fact, inside the handy case that accommodates Homing, all accessories are included for immediate use.

The remote control is functional to govern the functions of the system, the Polar heart rate monitor with optical sensor supports cardiac monitoring and the cables are useful for connecting the device to the patient's TV or integrating it to the interior of the Homing Studio solution.

Functionality for professional and patient

The integration of two operating systems, one dedicated to the professional and the other to the patient, allows you to build a complete and immersive experience.
The analysis module allows you to obtain qualitative and quantitative feedback on movement to design the best rehabilitation path for your patient.
The user at home finds a user-friendly experience of immediate understanding and use during their remote sessions.

Your ally in the studio

Homing redefines your working method in the studio, allowing you to embrace targets of patients with motor difficulties, pathologies in the sub-acute and degenerative phase.
With Homing Studio you can house Homing in the appropriate space and at the correct height from the ground and distance from the patient, to manage the patient management phase in your practice prior to remote management.
Furthermore, Homing Studio is a useful support for the accessories supplied with Homing, such as handlebars and Airex mattress.
Choose the Homing Studio solution and access the future of rehabilitation.


Dimensions (L) 14.5 (P) 19.3 (A) 15.3 cm
Weight 1.6 kg
Power supply 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, dedicated voltage line
Power input 120 W
Supply current 1.3 A - 0.6 A
Minimum positioning height 40 cm
Maximum positioning height 80 cm
Heart rate monitoring Polar optical heart rate sensor

App and Cloud

Rehab, Health Fitness, Sport Performance: 3 versions with specific exercises guarantee your patient or athlete the best experience of health and movement, based on the path that the user can carry out within your center.

With the TecnoBody Cloud you have always guaranteed interconnection between the systems in our range and the most immersive experience for your professionalism and your customers.

With TecnoBody APP and Cloud you redefine your working method in the studio or in the gym and access the possibility of building a new relationship with your patient or athlete.


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