Postural Bench

Postural Bench is the TecnoBody system with two inclinable tops that allows you to perform an accurate postural analysis without load on the limbs and at the same time to improve the posture of your patient and athlete freeing him from tensions and pains.
Ideal for treating back problems, lumbar, back and neck pain due to poor posture or trauma, or to improve the postural setting of athletes who wish to increase their performance. Not a simple postural bench, but an ally to evaluate the state of the muscular structure and posture. The muscles contract to close the system emphasizing the rotations and the muscular asymmetries that cause the pathologies. Postural Bench automatically detects the inclinations of the two planes by means of electronic inclinometers. The data recorded and found on the PC can be resumed later to set the system in the same configuration and build a postural rehabilitation plan with exercises to be performed on Postural Bench or with other TecnoBody systems.

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  • PC control touch-screen 16" with 1366x768 pixel resolution
  • Postural bench
  • Adjustable display height and position
  • Feet and arms support
Dimension L: 2200 mm D: 640 mm
Height 520 mm
Weight 100 kg
Maximum lifting capacity 150 kg
Transportability System for the mobility on wheels
Maximum reading load 150kg
Resolution 0,1 kg
Precision 0,5 kg
Reading angular sections 1° of resolution and 1° of precision
Sampling frequency 20 hz
PC connection RS232
Electric Supply 230 VAC, 50 hz, 3 A
Absorbed power 700 Watts
Conformity Directive 93/42/EEC - Standard EN 60601-1
Guarantee 12 months


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