Run Analysis


The revolution of analysis
and training for endurance

  • Adaptive speed

    An instinctive running experience, just like the outdoor experience.

  • Real-time Biofeedback

    Real-time analysis of support and posture in movement.

  • Soft Impact

    Maximum comfort and low impact to preserve the joints.

SpeedUp SCX Limitless is the first professional self-adaptive treadmill that supports personal trainers and therapists in gait analysis and biomechanical analysis of running, to build the athlete's best performance. Thanks to the european patent on adaptive speed and interaction between the advanced components of the system, we gave life to the most complete professional treadmill for Gait Analysis and Run Analysis, dedicated to the preparation and re-athleticisation of runners and athletes. With SpeedUp SCX Limitless you allow your athletes to improve their endurance results and avoid injuries.

SCX - Automatic Speed Control

The speed adjustment with the "plus and minus" button leaves room to the european patent of self-adaptive speed: the system recognizes the pushes of the feet on the surface of the belt and adjusts the speed based on the athlete's gesture. With SpeedUp SCX Limitless, performing interval training, fartlek, sprint and tempo runs is as easy as it gets, with all the naturalness of movement and speed of outdoor running.


Camera 3D

Thanks to its operation, the 3D camera allows the recognition of joints and the real-time display of the set moving posture parameters on the Full HD screen.
Walking and running analyzes on SpeedUp are for this reason the most precise and complete that can be performed on a treadmill, with the same instinctive sensations as an outdoor walking or running experience.


Soft Impact

The mesh of 990 bearings constitutes a very low friction sliding surface of the belt.

  • The vulcanized surface of the tape is soft and 1.5 cm thick, ideal for: guarantee cushioning and reactivity,
  • obtain a low impact on the joints;
  • preserve the musculoskeletal system;
  • use the system in the delicate reathleticization phase.

Inclination from -5% to +20%

Flexibility and versatility of use also translate into the inclination of the SpeedUp surface, positive up to +20% and optional negative up to -5%. The inclination of the treadmill allows you to build intensity, resistance and gesture control even uphill and downhill, making tests and training sessions for trail running and sky running functional.

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SpeedUp range
SpeedUp Limitless
SpeedUp Limitless

Medical certification

Medical certification

  • Soft impact Belt
  • 360 kg
  • 25 km/h
  • Conventional Belt
  • 325 kg
  • 20 km/h


Your ally in the studio and in the gym

SpeedUp SCX Limitless is the advanced treadmill for gyms, fitness centers and fitness boutiques because it is ideal for supporting your method in athlete preparation, thanks to real running diagnostics.
With SpeedUp you can lead amateur or competitive athletes to their best results in marathon, track running, walking, triathlon, trail running and sky running, or in football, skiing, ski mountaineering and team sports.

SpeedUp Specifiche

225 x 95 x 200-260 cm
(Length x Width x Height)

Height at max inclination 260 cm
Weight 360kg
Exercise area 167 x 55 cm
Access height 21cm
Full speed 20km/h
Minimum speed 0.2km/h
Speed increase 0.1km/h
Inclination 0-20%
Supply 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Absorbed power 3.3 KW

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