Sport Medicine

TecnoBody's experience in the field of functional movement evaluation ensures you the best in sports performance.
Treat yourself to a center of excellence in the athlete's motor assessment thanks to TecnoBody's medical and sports medicine supplies. With our advanced gym equipment and many integrated services, you can access the best for the athlete's motor assessment, functional training and reathletization.
The connection to the Cloud and the TecnoBody APP guarantee you and the athlete constant dialogue and monitoring of progress.

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Motor Skills Assessment

The objective evaluation of movement is the basis of the conditioning and rehabilitation of the athlete, an indispensable element for the return to activity of the athlete following an injury or surgery. Creating a gym or sports rehabilitation center with TecnoBody means guaranteeing your athletes a complete recovery thanks to an objective, accurate and repeatable evaluation. The continuous bio-feedback on the quality of the movement guarantees the athlete to return to sport with awareness of the gesture and of his own strengths and weaknesses.

Sport-specific training

Training in the gym changes its face thanks to TecnoBody's professional gym equipment.
Through the qualitative evaluation of movement you access the future of training for sports disciplines. In fact, knowing in real time how the athlete performs targeted exercises and obtaining detailed reports allows you to take care of every detail of your athletes' performance.
TecnoBody systems contain specific test programs and libraries for football, skiing, running, basketball, tennis and many other sports.

Athlete's rehabilitation

The range of TecnoBody systems and services guarantee you the best for athletes' rehabilitation.
The objective assessment of post-injury or post-surgery movement ensures that you obtain a picture of the weak points situation to work on during the rehabilitation process.
The possibility of checking progress at any time with intermediate steps guarantees a fast and functional return to performance for the athlete.
Furthermore, the scientific approach through the TecnoBody systems allows you to concentrate together with the athlete on injury prevention, setting specific work for each individual sporting discipline.

Sport Medicine

From TecnoBody's experience, advanced technological systems take shape for your gym or sports rehabilitation center. Discover the range of professional equipment for therapists and personal trainers and access the future of sports performance!

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