Gait Analysis

Walker View

The self-adaptive treadmill.
A compact motion capture laboratory.

  • Assessment and training

    Walker View is a compact and complete motion analysis and biomechanics laboratory that combines the functionality of walking and running tests and corrective training.

  • Gait Analysis

    With Walker View you can perform the most accurate Gait Analysis on patients and verify the parameters of dynamic posture and support during walking with objective data.

  • Gait Trainer

    It allows you to set up training that aims to make the patient concentrate on correct walking, thanks to real-time visual and acoustic feedback.

Walker View SCX was born from TecnoBody research and allows you to analyze in detail the functional parameters in the patient's or athlete's walking. Walker View is not a simple professional treadmill, but a Gait and Running analysis laboratory capable of providing Gait Analysis and Run Analysis reports for rehabilitation.
The immediate and objective feedback allows you to improve posture in movement, the load on the lower limbs and much more, with the participation of the SCX Speed Control European Patent, capable of recognizing the user's gesture and adapting to its acceleration and deceleration.

3D Camera

The 3D camera is the heart of Walker View and records the patient placed in front of it on the tape. Thanks to the 3D camera, Walker View returns an instant and objective image of the dynamic posture in movement. The posture of the arms in movement, the support of the feet, the anterior, posterior and lateral flexion are just some of the postural aspects analyzed in real time and visible in the live recording on the 49" Full HD screen.

SCX - Automatic
Speed Control

Thanks to the SCX Speed Control feature with european patent, on Walker View it is possible to choose to switch from manual control to total autonomous control of the belt speed. The electronics that control the SCX feature allow Walker View to automatically recognize the user's gesture, who can adjust the transition from a walk to a run and vice versa, change pace at any time, until the belt stops completely with his simple instinctive gesture.
With SCX Speed Control the operator obtains even more precise reports on the runners and patients subjected to running and walking analysis.
A unique experience is guaranteed for the user and it is comparable to the same carried out outdoors on the road.

Sensorized belt

Walker View is equipped with a sensorized belt with 8 load cells that detect the patient's load. These allow postural analysis and contribute, together with the software interface and the 3D camera, to the return of a complete Gait Analysis or Run Analysis report.

What does self-adaptive treadmill mean?

The Walker View 3.0 SCX treadmill contains the innovation of an european patent on adaptive speed. The system, in fact, adapts itself to the user's gesture, be it a patient walking or an athlete running. This means that the simple intuitive gesture of the user determines the operation of the system, the speed of the belt and the stop, through:

  • Position detection in front of the 3D camera: In just 5 seconds the system recognizes and marks the patient or runner on the belt.
  • 3D Camera: The 3D volumetric camera is able to detect the position of the joints and every movement of the subject.
  • Sensorized base with load cells: The interaction between load cells, 3D camera and software reprocessing synthesizes the information necessary to obtain a complete analysis of the step and stroke.
  • Sensor Fusion: The combination of sensor data ensures that the resulting information is accurate and free of uncertainty.
  • Real time bio-feedback: - The 49" Full HD screen constitutes the digital mirror in which the subject views his own image in real time, together with the analysis of the gesture and the detailed report data processed by the system.

Brachial supports

The brachial supports on Walker View allow the patient to be secured on the system and accompany his grip on the support handles located on the two handrails of the system.
The patient with greater balance and walking difficulties can thus obtain the help of the supports and carry out the tests and trainings proposed by you on Walker View.


The F-Sensor inertial sensors allow you to accurately evaluate the flexion of the ankles during walking and running, the pronation-supination and flexion-extension of the foot in the stance and toe-off phase. This feature guarantees extreme flexibility of use: you can associate the sensors with the Gait Analysis test performed on Walker View or carry out a foot support test and a biomechanics test when running both on the road and on uneven terrain, by fastening them to the user's shoes.

A laboratory for sports medicine

The advanced software and the interaction between all the technological components and the SCX feature of Walker View make it the ideal system for running analysis and supporting amateur or competitive athletes.
Thanks to the detailed Run Analysis reports you can help your athletes aspire to the best results, obtaining feedback on their strengths and weaknesses in their athletic gesture, or follow their reathleticization in the event of injury or surgery.

Smart Gravity:
A complete kit

Smart Gravity is the dynamic support system that can be associated with Walker View to relieve the patient's body weight. With all the technology of TecnoBody's Walker View 3.0 SCX and the weight relief system, you can halve the post-surgery recovery time for your patient and evaluate their evolution with constant feedback, all in maximum safety.

Discover Smart Gravity



Walker View


290 x 140 x 210 cm

(Length x Width x Height)

360 Kg


0-20 (0-15 medical usage) km/h

Speed increase

0,2 km/h


0-15 %

Access height

18 cm


230 VAC, 50 Hz

Absorbed power

2.5 KW

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App & Cloud

App & Cloud

Rehab, Health Fitness, Sport Performance: 3 versions with specific exercises guarantee your patient or athlete the best health and movement experience, based on the path that the user can follow within your centre.

With the TecnoBody Cloud you have always guaranteed the interconnection between the systems in our range and the most immersive experience for your professionalism and your customers.

With the TecnoBody APP and Cloud you redefine your working method in the studio or in the gym and access the possibility of building a new relationship with your patient or athlete.

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