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Do business with TecnoBody and give life to your new highly innovative rehabilitation center, based on objective assessment and 100% made in Italy technology.

With the TecnoBody systems you can dedicate yourself to assessment, rehabilitation programs for your patients and athletes and to maintain their results by exploiting the competitive advantage of our technology and the flexibility of our systems.
Continuous training, assistance and research at the service of your business idea and an idea of innovative movement that focuses not only on care, but above all on prevention and maintenance.

Study with us the conformation of your physiotherapy and motor rehabilitation center and plan your success!

Welcome to the era of Rehabilitation 4.0!

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In TecnoBody we believe in the value of an accurate functional assessment in rehabilitation medicine, which is essential for the assessment of starting points in therapeutic-rehabilitative treatment.

Starting a physiotherapy and rehabilitation study with TecnoBody means being able to set up an objective, accurate and repeatable assessment of the patient. Starting from the precise analysis of your patient's state of health you can set the correct therapy and give value to your abilities because with the Tecnobody circuit tests you make objective both muscular tension, proprioception, balance, strength control and the analysis of the path and of the race.


After carrying out the assessment and the first phase of rehabilitation it is possible to plan a specific training aimed at the needs of your patient. The training performed with the aid of continuous Bio-feedback increases the levels of concentration required in your patient or athlete treated, increasing the effectiveness of the training itself.
Performing a more informed training with TecnoBody systems improves the patient's sense of motorism, making the recovery phase more effective and faster. Moreover thanks to the flexible TecnoBody Management System you can give life to exercises or draw from the library proposed by TecnoBody to associate them and personalize them for your client.


In your new TecnoBody rehabilitation center you can create and customize specific functional recovery exercises on Tecnobody systems. The technological and instrumental part will help to modulate and speed up the healing process, also according to the specific pathology.
The TecnoBody Key combined with the software of our rehabilitation systems ensures constant monitoring of the improvements made by your client.

Choose the Advanced Rehab Center cut closer to your needs: Orthopedic, neurological, sports, postural .

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