Health Fitness 2.0

In the center of Health Fitness 2.0 you can immerse your client in a 360 degree experience of wellbeing and movement.
Research and technology come together for a new concept of Health Fitness, a combination of motor skills and metabolic characteristics related to health.

Fitness Boutique 2.0 customers can make their body work with cardiorespiratory efficiency, developing joint flexibility and balance.

All this in a functional training circuit, with immediate feedback on one's actions and constant monitoring of progress.

Fitness in a room has made its way. Discover the TecnoBody range to open your high-tech fitness center!

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The first step to embark on a path dedicated to the movement in a fitness boutique with functional and technological value is the assessment.
For the improvement of sports performance, the maintenance of muscle tone and the contrast of multifactorial metabolic syndromes and aging, the objective evaluation of the initial health status is the most important.
An accurate functional assessment, in fact, allows you to build the basis for a specific training, functional to the individual objectives of your customers. Creating a Fitness Boutique 2.0 with TecnoBody means being able to set up an objective, accurate and repeatable assessment of the person during the training course.


After the assessment it is possible to plan a specific training aimed at the needs of your client. The training performed with the aid of continuous bio-feedback increases the levels of accuracy of the gesture required to your client, increasing the effectiveness of the training itself.

Performing a more conscious training with TecnoBody systems improves the patient's sense of motorism, making the athletic gesture more effective.
Moreover thanks to the flexible TecnoBody Management System you can give life to exercises or draw from the library proposed by TecnoBody to associate them and personalize them for your client.


In your Fitness Boutique by TecnoBody you can create and customize specific exercises of enhancement, mobility, flexibility and maintenance on Tecnobody systems. The technological and instrumental part will help to modulate and optimize the athletic gesture, also according to the specific objective.

The TecnoBody Key combined with the software of our sports performance systems ensures constant monitoring of the improvements made by your customer.

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