TBED is the innovation signed by TecnoBody in the field of therapy and physiotherapy cribs.
Forget the classic passive couch for a physiotherapist. With TBED you can rely on an intelligent and active system that exploits the technology and makes it available for the best interaction between physiotherapist and patient..
Discover the TecnoBody smart treatment bed!

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TBed represents the state-of-art of medical devices in physiotherapy sector.

TBed is a four-section treatment couch completely sensorized.

The couch is provided by a sensors network, which can get every single interactions therapist-patient and can show it in real-time on the Computer.

Dimension L: 2200 mm A: 640 mm
Weight 160 kg
Height adjustments 52 - 97 cm
Maximum lifting capacity 150 kg
Electronic adjustment Back and seat
Commands adjustment mobile control panel for adjusting the back and seat
Manual adjustmen Head and legs sections
Patient support Support arms for the arms
Transport System for the mobility on wheels
Sampling frequency 20 hz
Maximum reading load 150 kg
Load resolution 0,1 kg
Reading angular sections 1 ° of resolution
Accurately 0,5 kg
Electric supply 230 VAC, 50 hz, 3 A
Absorbed power 700 Watts
Conformity Directive 93/42/EEC - Standard EN 60601-1
Guarantee 12 months


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