Walker View 3.0

Have you ever wondered how you can let your patients and athletes run and walk efficiently and away from injuries?
Walker View is born from TecnoBody research and allows you to fully analyze the strengths and weaknesses in the athletic gesture or simply in walking. Not just a simple treadmill, but a laboratory of walking and running analysis concentrated in a single innovative product capable of returning a postural analysis report of Run Analysis and Gait Analysis. The immediate and objective feedback allows to improve the posture in the race, the support of the foot, to correct the relative problems of movement of the arms, together with all the aspects related to the moving posture, the load of the lower limbs and much more.
The revolution in running and re-education of the walk bears the name Walker View, discover it now!

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WalkerView is a running for sport medicine, rehabilitation, locomotion therapy, gait and motion analysis and cardiology.

It's provided of a PC user deck with touch screen (15") and a widw LCD feedback screen (48 "), detection load surface (load sensor matrix) and an integrated 3D camera for motion capture.


  • PC Control Touch-Screen 15”
  • LCD monitor 47 " for virtual reality and biofeedback
  • Gait analysis by 3D camera detection and force platform
  • Integrated 3D camera for motion capture
  • Key access to TecnoBody Management System connection
Dimensions L: 2750 mm P: 900 mm A:2050 mm
Weight +/- 280 kg (617 lbs)
Running surface L:160 cm (63’’) P:51 cm (20’’)
Access height 15,5 cm (6’’) low profile
Speed range 0-20 km/h (0-12.42 mph)
Incremental step 0,2 km/h (0.12 mph)
Reverse speed range 0,5 km/h (0-3.1 mph)
Elevation 0-15 % (9°)
Heart rate monitoring POLAR ® wireless
Pc interface Complety programmable in terms of speed, elevation and heart rate
Function Gait Analysis to record step length, step speed, step symmetry and range of motion of trunk, hips and ankles
Motor system 2 KW (2.6 HP)
Load range 0-150 kg (0-330 lbs)
Precision 0,5 kg (17.6 oz)
Eletric parameters 230 VAC, 50 hz, 15 A, dedicated line
Power 3 KW
Conformity Conform european guideline medical device 93/42/CEE EN 60601-1 (CEI 62-5) III ° edition
Guarantee 12 months


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